roblox after-school

ROBLOX Studio is the development environment for ROBLOX online games. This program meets after the school day has concluded and brings STEM learning into a fun and gamified learning experience. Learn to build 3D models, design game loops and interactions, build custom assets in ROBLOX, learn to code using Lua script, and even how to make money in ROBLOX. This adventure brings a level of learning unlike any other and learners keep coming back for more!

programs coming soon!

Our Drone Program is your opportunity to build, fly, and program drones in a gamified and supportive learning environment. You will become a licensed FAA Remote Pilot*, build expert flight proficiency**, and be prepared for entry-level employment in the drone industry**. 

* FAA Remote Pilot Licensing requires you to be at least 16 years of age.

** Student must be enrolled in the program for at least 12 months.

Our Robotics Program is your opportunity to build, operate, and program robots in a gamified and supportive learning environment. You will learn to code in Python, C++, and other industry-relevant languages to propel your understanding of robotics control, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The possibilities in this program are only limited by your imagination!

Have you always wanted to learn how to create your own games from those amazing ideas you get? Join us in learning how to gamify, motivate, engage, and monetize your game ideas into reality! This program includes a crawl, walk, run structure to learning, so you are challenged without being overwhelmed. Roblox Studio, Minecraft, and Unity are some of our game-building tools for learning. 

Do you love to look at the sky at night and think about unraveling the mysteries of the universe? In our Astronomy Program, you will build telescopes, learn to navigate the stars, and study planetary formations. 

You have an appeal to the aesthetic and communicating with your visual emotions. Join the Graphic Design Program to learn how to hone those ideas and talents. We’ll build icons, business cards, animations, websites, and so much more.

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Please contact us to get on a waiting list for these upcoming programs or just let us know if you are interested. We’ll keep you in the game loop. 🙂